how it works

Hosting a Change of Heart event is simple!

  • Pick a date in February, American Heart Month
  • Register your event with Change of Heart Headquarters
  • Determine your workout format and details
  • Promote your event and invite members to participate
  •  Collect a $20 participant registration fee
  • Go Red and Have fun!

Giving back

The mission of Change of Heart is to educate women about heart disease and to motivate them to take charge of their health. Change of Heart will contribute twenty-five percent from each $20 registration fee to Go Red For Women® to support heart health awareness, research, education an community programs. The remaining seventy-five percent of the registration fee is reinvested back into the Change of Heart program.

contact us

For more information or to sign up to host an event, please call 1.203.761.5447 or email