Q: Is there a minimum participation for a Change of Heart event?
Yes. Change of Heart requires a minimum participation of eight people for your event.

Q: Is there is registration fee to participate in a Change of Heart event?
A: Yes. Each participant pays a $20.00 registration fee to participate and to a Change of Heart goody bag, valuable heart-health information and a one-year subscription to SELF magazine ($10.00 value).

Q: Is the $20.00 registration fee a donation that is tax deductible?
A: A $20 registration fee is payable to Change of Heart. Twenty-five percent of the Change of Heart registration fee is goes directly to the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women® movement and is tax deductible. The remaining seventy-five percent of the registration fee is reinvested back into the Change of Heart program to continue its mission to educate women about heart disease and to motivate them to take charge of their health.

Q: Can we fundraise at our Change of Heart Event?
A: Yes! Groups often set a fundraising goal to further support the cause. One-hundred percent of the funds raised (above
and beyond the $20.00 registration fee)
goes directly to the American Heart Association for important awareness, research and educational programs.

Q: Do I have to collect registration fees for the event?
A: No. All registration fees are collected online through your event page. If you receive registration fees on the day of your event, we include a collection and business-reply envelope in your Welcome and Event Day Kits to send back to Change of Heart headquarters.

Q: Where can I sign-up to host an event?
A: You can register to host an event by calling Change of Heart Headquarters at 203.761.5447 or email info@cohworkout.com. Once your event is registered, we will send you a link to access our online event planning tool to set-up your event page.

Q: How do my participants sign-up for my event?
A: Once you have set-up your online event page, you will receive a unique URL to use when promoting your event. Club members, friends and family can register for your event by clicking on that link.

Q: Is it ok for participants to sign-up the day of the event?
Yes. Although we encourage participants to register prior to the event, we understand that does not always happen. To make sure you are prepared for last minute sign ups, we include a paper sign-up sheet in your Welcome and Event Day kits.

Q: Will someone from Change of Heart be at my event?
A: No. As much as we'd like to be, we simply cannot be present due to the number of events we have ongoing across the country. We do have Event Coordinators at our headquarters to answer your questions and guide you through the event planning process. Call headquarters at 203.761.5447.